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July 24th, 2018

Passengers in cars that are on very long road trips often tire of the journey. A familiar question, especially from the backseat brigade, is, “Are we there yet?”

Normal Americans who have been made to suffer through the long, drawn-out Mueller meanderings are asking the same question. The point of that trip is to determine whether the President, or someone from his team, colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary in 2016. Mueller should have reached that destination a while ago. After all, it’s not a long road.

Instead, he’s still out on the highways and mostly byways tooling around. He’s taken a lot of detours, found himself staring at dead ends, hit a few potholes and seems no closer to the destination.

But, the fact of the matter is he passed it by. He didn’t recognize the destination, of course, because it’s not in his expected location. It isn’t here. It isn’t there. It’s nowhere. Out in nowhere there is no evidence of collusion, no President to blame, no historic headlines to grab. By now, Mueller should have realized that he missed the turn.

There’s a bit of speculation about Mueller’s failure stop where the road sign indicated. After all, the end has been there from the beginning.

Perhaps he missed the sign because his sojourn was mapped out so poorly. The topography was heavily influenced by that pesky FISA warrant which relied, in no small measure, on Hillary’s political smear job known as the Steele Dossier. The road signs it laid out were all pointing in the wrong direction. The sojourn never got on the right track.

So, are we there yet? We are, but Mueller is still driving around, now in the gathering darkness, with his maps upside down and little chance of finding his way. The rest of us should just go home. We’re seen this ending before.

In The Headlights

Saturday, November 17, 2018
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The Weak That Was

Another week has passed at last. Unfortunately, it looked a lot like the last one and a whole bunch before that.

Republicans and the DOJ continue at each other’s throats, fighting over the release of documents that no one but them cares about. The DOJ is still getting the better of the brawl, making the Republicans look impotent and silly.

The Democrats and the media dis everything Trump does, no matter what it is. Securing the release of the NOKO hostages this week was characterized by the media as a ratings grab and a staged production.

When Trump kicked the Iran deal to the curb, Democrats, who voiced opposition to the agreement back when it was signed, screamed foul.

Remember when Chuck Schumer accused Trump of putting us on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea? This week he presumed to tell Trump how to negotiate with Kim Jong-Un else the President give away the store in his historic meeting with the Korean dictator. The leader of the political hack pack must have whiplash from his rapid change of position.

This week’s winner of the most pathetic award is a series of commercials aired by the Diane Feinstein re-election campaign. The aging U.S. Senator from California keeps missing the Over The Hill exit ramp on her endless journey around and around the political racetrack. She’s now running for a sixth term. If voters in California return her to Washington, she’ll be 90 years old when her new term ends.

The main roadblock to her re-election is, of course, her advanced age. Her campaign commercials try to jump that high hurdle by making her sound youthful and vital. But, the phase, “Diane and a new generation are leading the fight…“, doesn’t fool anyone. Neither does plastic surgery or a dump truck full of makeup and hair dye.

Feinstein’s major in college was history. It’s time her career passed into it.


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